The NTM has been adding narratives to all objects on display.

    Tattoo historian & curator (Jay Brown) loves to provide a personalized viewing & education experience.

    The Northwest Tattoo Museum & Tattooing ~
    Learn Some Tattoo History or Get a Tattoo

    The  Northwest Tattoo Museum (NTM) is your local professional old school source for Tattooing,
    Tattoo History, & Tattoo Education. The NTM is run by a Master Tattoo Artist with 30+years
    of experience, knowledge, and resources. The NTM provides full service Tattooing and an
    extensive historic reference collection.
Nor sure OR already have a tattoo in mind? The NTM
provides professional customer service & quality care
from knowledgeable tattoo experts within a
comfortable environment amidst hundreds of designs
& artifacts. Thousands of designs on the walls & in
the books. Come hear their stories & learn their

The museum tattoo collection showcases historical
photographs, documents, flash, tattoo implements,
tattoo related artifacts, an expanding library, an
archive of historic documents, etc from the early
1900-1980s tattoo subculture in North America. The
museum has slowly been acquiring indigenous tattoo
artifacts from North America & worldwide.

    Tues: 12-8 pm   Sun:    Closed
    Wed:  12-8 pm   Mon:   Closed
    Thur:    4-8 pm
    Fri:     12-8 pm
    Sat:      4-8 pm

    510 N 4th St Suite B
    Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

             Northwest Tattoo Museum

208-665-6565  -   510 North 4th St Suite B, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814